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Branchlands is a full-service senior living community, designed exclusively for the comfort, safety, and security of our family, friends, and neighbors as they age.

No two individuals come to live at Branchlands for the same reason.

Some seek the independence of life at the gracious Manor House; others have reached a stage where it is no longer wise to remain at home; and still others whose memories are a challenge can expect unfailing patience, kindness, and professional care.

Because Branchlands offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care options, changes in health or mental capacity may not require a resident to move outside the community.


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I want to compliment Scoot (Branchlands Director) and the staff here for doing an excellent job of keeping us safe and as happy as can be expected under such dire circumstances…I feel that they have done an admirable job in every way…I think everyone involved deserves a "Thank You"! — Mary R.

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