Every Day to the Fullest

Before a move to Branchlands memory care community, families participate with our healthcare professional in developing an Individualized Service Care Plan that reflects a resident’s needs, abilities, and stage of impairment. The goal is for residents to live their lives with purpose in an environment that ensures safety and security.

Every facet of a service care plan is focused on enriching each day, moment by moment. Routines structured around each individual’s personal needs provide stability while carefully planned activities promote a feeling of accomplishment. Sensory stimulation—aromatherapy, gentle massage, reassuring color choices, and nostalgic music—enables residents to reconnect with the world even when they may not be able to express that connection. Therapy may center on reminiscence kits, visiting pets, and creative arts. It is not unusual for families to see that their loved ones have regained some capacity as they are encouraged to stay engaged.

Intentional Design

A resident-centered approach to planning The Gardens Memory Care began with a simple premise: regardless of limitations, an individual’s living circumstances must allow for both privacy and community. The three self-contained units simulate a typical home layout; a foyer leading to a large gathering room with grouped conversation areas and a convenient kitchen and dining area. Long hallways scream “institution”—Linden House’s angled hallways break those spaces into smaller units that invite strolling while ensuring safety. Bedrooms clustered around these central areas provide privacy, but also easy accessibility to the “heart of the household”.

View The Gardens floor layout [PDF].

Finishes and furnishings also make the interiors feel more like home—plush upholstered chairs and sofas, natural materials on floors and furniture surfaces, window treatments, soft lighting, carpeting, etc—“soften” the environment. Contrasting carefully-selected color—shades of aqua, greens, blues, and coral—enable eyes to “see better” and provide navigational cues.

Creating a comfortable environment in a senior care community is important; creating a comforting environment uniquely suited to residents with memory care takes great thought and planning. The “intentional design” of The Gardens Memory Care at Linden House is centered on fostering as much independence as possible while ensuring safety and preserving dignity.

View a sample floorplan for Linden House’s memory care residences.