Linden House welcomes volunteers!

Volunteers bring their skills and passion to activities and projects that engage our residents. Sharing interests and participating in out-of- daily-routine volunteer work can be fun and energizing. Our volunteers have told us of the immense gratification they feel in getting to know residents and in being helpful.

The other side of this balanced equation is the great pleasure Linden House residents have in making new friends, learning new skills, or simply having one more opportunity to socialize and connect. From painting to poetry, canasta to cuisine—we provide all that is needed. Our volunteers provide the fun!

By the way, volunteering doesn’t have to take that much time. Your commitment should be at a level that you find comfortable and rewarding. Volunteering should be a win-win experience: let us know what works for you, and we will find how your schedule can work for our residents. Whatever your commitment, be assured that the joy you give will never be as much as you will receive.

Linden House theater room

Volunteer opportunities

Below we have listed some of the opportunities we have available to volunteer for. None of the activities listed require you be committed to the full schedule. Volunteer a little or a lot, whatever fits your schedule. We welcome all!

Bingo Caller

  • Description: Calling Bingo in the game room with the residents
  • Requires: Calling Bingo numbers, assisting residents with Bingo cards, and handing out prizes.
  • Frequency: Every Saturday for approximately an hour.

Movie Companion

  • Description: Watching movies
  • Requires: Being a movie companion for residents when they are watching various movies (some residents come alone and don’t want to be alone. While others just want somebody to talk to during the movie.). You will need to find the movie (either on Netflix or Amazon), and you may need to pop some popcorn. After that sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie.
  • Frequency: Various dates throughout the month and length depends on the movie. Typically no long than 3 hours.

Bridge Player

  • Description: Helping residents play Bridge, being the fourth player, or being around for support.
  • Requires: Setting up the area for the Bridge game (putting out cards, arranging table and chairs). You may also have to be a player in one or more Bridge games.
  • Frequency: Every Saturday and typically last about an hour, but may be longer

Game Player

  • Description: Playing checkers, cornhole, word puzzles, and brain games.
  • Requires: Setting up the area for the game. You may be a player in the game or you may be on the sideline cheering them on. Different games may require more attention.
  • Frequency: Various dates throughout the month and typically last about an hour.

Outings Chaperon

  • Description: Going on various shopping trips
  • Requires: Going to various stores (Kohl’s, Walmart, or Wegmans) and assisting residents with shopping. Some may need help with pushing the buggy or wheelchair, while others may want your fashion input. Some just enjoy the company
  • Frequency: Various Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month. Each outing typically last about 3 hours.

Benefits of Volunteering

In today’s world most senior living communities rely strongly on volunteers to create meaningful experiences through activities and programs.

When residents make the transition to live in a senior living community some become isolated. Volunteers help residents break out of that cycle. Being relied upon can give seniors purpose and a sense of responsibility, while also encouraging social engagement and even creating friendships.

It can be as small as a walk around the community to a long stroll to a nearby shopping center, volunteering keeps residents physically active. Maintaining physical exercise and an active lifestyle can prevent many injuries and diseases.

As the dementia epidemic grows, researchers have a growing focus on prevention methods. It has been proven that participating in activities regularly can improve longevity, improve mental health, and reduce the risk of dementia.

Looking to boost your resume? Future employers love to see you have patience, and compassion. This is an invaluable experience one can only gain from volunteering in senior living community.  Not to mention the endless networking possibilities.