Senior Living Communities

The Branchlands community is a special place designed exclusively for the comfort, safety, and security of our family, friends, and neighbors as they age. A full-service senior living community, Branchlands offers independent living where residents enjoy amenities and the freedom to come and go as they please. Assisted living and memory care communities for those who desire round-the-clock services will open in spring 2018.

No two individuals come to live at Branchlands for the same reason: some seek the independence of life at the gracious Manor House; others have reached a stage where they need more assistance in their day-to-day lives; and still others whose memories are a challenge can expect unfailing patience, kindness, and professional care.

Our goal is to make life as easy and enjoyable as possible…and as worry-free. Because Branchlands offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care options, changes in health or mental ability may not require a resident to move outside the community.

Branchlands building exterior

Branchlands exemplifies those qualities that led USA Today to rate Charlottesville the #1 Place to Live in America!

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Marge and Hugh W. met on a blind date in Crozet, Virginia. They have now been happily married for sixty-one years. The couple spent most of their time living on their farm in Earlysville, Virginia, raising Black Angus cows. They enjoyed attending church, volunteering, and taking cruises around the globe. They now have four children, six grandchildren, and six great grandchildren to keep them busy.
Marge and Hugh love living at Branchlands and have made many new friends since arriving.

Adapted from "Resident Spotlight" by Betty Kollar
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In the early morning hours when the sun turns big and bright,
Birds and beasties leave their nests to wash away the night.
They peek out from the bushes; they jump from tree to tree.
They fly up on the rooftops to see what they can see.

Ah! There it sits upon a stump with water clear and cool.
It’s Grandmom’s granite birdbath, sparkling like a jewel.
The Bluebird jumps in first and shakes each glassy feather.
What fun he has, to wash away the dust from wind and weather.

Next come two bushy, playful squirrels that live up in her tree.
They race each other to the bath and watch the Bluebird flee.
Like little imps they jump and splash in Grandmom’s water bowl.
While Blackbirds, cawing loudly, holler and cajole.

Soon Robins dunk their rosy breasts to take their morning shower,
While Catbirds scolding mightily, dance on their leafy bower.
Then Blue Jays, noisier than all, swoop down in threes and fours,
To claim the crystal water, their reflections to adore.

Soon, in among the Marigolds, they spread their fresh washed wings
And warm them in the morning sun, while all of Nature sings.
Grandmom’s birdbath is the host to Wrens and Chickadees,
To Humming Birds with bright green wings, and even Buzzy Bees.

Her garden is a perfect place and gives the greatest pleasure
To all God’s creatures, big and small, and even me to treasure.
When I grow up and have a yard, I’ll place a birdbath there.
When birds and beasties come to bathe, I’ll know God heard my

–"Grandmom's Birdbath" by Betty Kollar
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