What is Assisted Living – The Linden House Difference

You (or someone close to you) may be coming to a period in life when assisted living becomes a consideration. It’s important for family members to communicate with each other both their fears and concerns because it’s a big step. Research and site visits will make it possible to sort out the best from the rest and clarify what assisted living entails and how one community differs from the next.

Here is how we define assisted living at Linden House Assisted Living at Branchlands.

Live Independently, With Assistance

Assisted living is more accurately described as independent living with assistance. Linden House Assisted Living residents enjoy freedom to come and go as they please, ready access to transportation (or the continued use of their own vehicle), and all the comforts of their private space—without the hassle of meal preparation and housekeeping and with all the help they may need from day to day.

An assisted living community is not a nursing home. Nursing home residents require 24-hour-a-day care for activities of daily living, whereas assisted living residents may only require some help with getting ready in the morning, or just have someone nearby in case help is needed. Nevertheless, skilled medical professionals are always on call in the event of an unforeseen need.

Always Respect Individuality

Rooms can be adorned with treasured keepsakes. World-travelers have opportunities to share their experiences and insights. Avid readers can close their doors and finish that mystery well into the wee hours. Residents can stay as busy or as relaxed, as social or self-contained as they wish.

At Linden House, self-sufficiency is encouraged and supported. Regardless of the physical limitation—the visually impaired resident who still enjoys long walks or the wheelchair-bound fan who never misses a home game—staff and services are designed to make it possible to continue to live as one would wish.

Put Safety First

Assisted living means safe living. Even when assistive devices are installed, hazardous stairs, slippery bath tubs, etc. pose significant risks for those still living in their homes. The best facilities are designed to eliminate obstacles to mobility and minimize the risk of falls and other injuries.

Remove Daily Hassles

Assisted living at Linden House is hassle-free. Expenses are predictable. Chores are eliminated. No more shoveling snow, grass cutting, or day-to-day upkeep and repair. Ms. (and Mr.) Fix-it can hang up the tool belt.

Animal companions are welcome. The decision to move to assisted living should never require leaving a beloved pet behind. If needed, special arrangements can be made for routine care, such as walking and bathing.

Maintain Family Ties

Couples can continue to live together in assisted living (if they so wish!). Their individual needs may differ, and their future health care needs may diverge, but Linden House makes it possible to remain together for as long as feasible.

Game and media rooms offer entertainment for younger family members, and residents are encouraged to invite visitors to join them for meals.

Enjoy Resort-style Amenities and Services

Chef-prepared gourmet meals, housekeeping service, private transportation available by reservation, barber shop and hair dresser on site, daily (and nightly) social opportunities, attentive and well-trained staff, beautiful amenities and grounds, a rehab gym, and snack bar—assisted living at Branchlands is in many ways just like resort living.

Transitions challenge us all in ways that we may not anticipate, and a change that is necessitated by the effects of aging is particularly stressful. However, by understanding all that a new living environment can offer, a move to assisted living can be not simply life-changing, but life-affirming.