Congratulations, Mr. Pippin!

Thanks to the Linden House and Genesis Rehab Services team, Mr. Pippin has exceeded all of his wellness goals. Mr. Pippin was admitted to Linden House in early February 2019. His journey to get to where he is now was a tumultuous one!

It all started with multiple hospitalizations

After a stay in the hospital with a suspected kidney stone, he was discharged with medication management back home. Unfortunately, he was readmitted to the hospital in less than a week with no improvement and significantly changed medical status. He was now suffering with pneumonia that wouldn’t seem to get better.

After a while, he had to be transferred to UVA Health System. He was discharged to a local rehab center where he then contracted the flu! Back to the hospital he went.

Arriving at Linden House Assisted Living

By the time he got to Linden House Assisted Living, this man who was previously driving and walking without an assistive device and overall managing his life well, was unable to comfortably eat his meals and barely had an appetite at all. He could only walk short distances with use of a RW and required help from a caregiver to complete this safely. He couldn’t complete his own showers, couldn’t get dressed or even stand up from his own couches and bed without help.

In addition to his amazing family support system and team of doctors, our wonderful team here at Linden House gladly jumped in to help him get back on his feet. Between our nursing, dietary, housekeeping, maintenance, and great group of Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy teammates we are happy to say Mr. Pippin will be back in his own home before Easter!

What’s next for Mr. Pippin

His devoted wife Gigi and the “girls” (who are his two beloved pups that are by his side every second of the day!) will be loading up the vehicle and driving south. He is leaving here with the reclaimed ability to walk without a rolling walker, transfer, shower, dress, and shave independently. His diet and swallow are back to normal and he has enjoyed some  of his favorite dishes without any issues. He is even enjoying community outings, dining out, and joy rides in these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mr. Pippin with his wife and dogs

We helped put the “fun” back in “functional”! Go team go! Congratulations to Mr. Pippin for achieving and exceeding all of his goals.