Welcoming Spots to Visit and Relax at Branchlands

Our golden years are the time to live life to the fullest through rest, relaxation, and spending quality time with those we love. Whether you are getting lost in a book or visiting with friends, it’s a joy to savor these moments. Some residents prefer to unwind with the company of friends and family, while others prefer more secluded spots to recharge on their own. Thankfully, Branchlands senior living community offers many personalized spaces to connect and recharge.

Find shade in the gazebo

There are plenty of reasons to spend an hour or so in the gazebo—one of them being the setting’s exceptional location. Placed in the center of our campus, the gazebo is a lovely spot to wave to friends and passersby. It’s the quick waves and smiles we share each day that contribute to Branchlands’ incredible sense of community.

Gazebo during springtime

While we enjoy the gazebo year-round, nothing beats this nature-filled setting in the warmer months. Residents particularly love the gazebo during the spring, as it sits next to the largest cherry blossom tree on our campus. What could be better than gazing at the breathtaking pink blooms and greenery while inhaling the aroma of newly bloomed cherry blossoms?

Rock along on The Manor House porch

Another outdoor leisure space in the Branchlands senior living community is The Manor House’s sprawling wraparound porch. The porch’s cozy rocking chairs and view of the community entrance make it a comfortable spot to enjoy the outdoors while waiting for beloved visitors to arrive.

The Manor House senior living community exterior

In the early 1800’s, “Branchland” was an agricultural and hunting colonial estate named for all the streams that flowed on the property. The historic Manor House was constructed in 1818 and gradually enlarged over the years by Panama Canal architect Meade Bolton and owner Major Channing Bolton.

The porch is one of the most social areas in our community. With four rocking chairs and several Adirondack tables, it’s a wonderful place to gather. Frequently, you’ll find residents reading the paper or chatting over coffee with old and new friends.

Enjoy nature in The Manor House courtyard

The Manor House courtyard is one of the more secluded areas for independent living residents to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The soothing sound of the garden’s trickling stream, cooling shade from the impressive oak trees, and the picturesque gardens all contribute to this space’s relaxing atmosphere.

Friends chatting in Manor House courtyard

One of the most notable highlights of The Manor House’s courtyard is its versatility. Whether residents are looking to sit somewhere quiet with a book, enjoy a beverage outside, or gather to play cards, this courtyard has something for everyone.

Of the many activities offered at Branchlands, gardening is a resident favorite. We often see residents popping in and out of the gardens to tend to their beloved herbs and flowers.

Curl up in comforting nooks

We understand that the sun’s warm heat is not everyone’s cup of tea. Fortunately, we have several comfortable indoor sitting rooms throughout the Branchlands campus. Sometimes, all you need is a quiet room and some air conditioning!

Woman reading in green room

The historic Manor House has several sitting rooms, each designed for optimal comfort. From the library to the front parlor, there are plenty of places to lounge. Each sitting room has its own personality with comfortable seating and a welcoming atmosphere.

Comforting nooks are not hard to find in Linden House Assisted Living, either. The Linden House community has several fireplaces where residents can get cozy at any point in the day. This cozy environment helps Branchlands residents feel at home.

Socialize in Linden House’s community spaces

There’s no shortage of gathering spaces in Linden House, both in our assisted living and memory care communities. The Gardens Memory Care is centered around a welcoming living space where residents and staff congregate for different activities. Some resident favorites include Smovey, Bingo, and of course, Move and Groove.

“There’s a unique homey quality about this memory care facility—the way the rooms open up on a welcoming living room, shared dining table, and the safe kitchens where residents are not restricted to visit. The rooms and bathrooms are stylish, and the views are pleasing.”

– Paisley S., Google review

Assisted living residents at Linden House also have numerous indoor spaces to relax and socialize. While some residents choose to chat in the sitting room, others prefer puzzles and games in our activity rooms. No matter what the day has in store, there’s plenty of space for residents to do what they love!

Linden House senior living community sitting room

Soak up the sun on the Linden House terraces

For individuals looking to catch some rays, there are few better places on the Branchlands campus than the Linden House terraces. Each outdoor space features dining tables, benches, and beautiful flowers. We are grateful to our green-thumbed Linden House residents for tending so thoughtfully to these gardens!

Couple enjoying coffee outside

Spending time outside can do more for a person’s mental and physical health than one may think. In fact, Psychology Today found that spending time in nature results in a better sense of well-being.

On a clear day, the restaurant patio is a serene place to hear the birds chirp and feel the warm sun on your skin. Plus, it’s perfect for dining al fresco! Residents frequently enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air with a delicious dinner.

Branchlands senior living community offers several thoughtfully designed community spaces in which seniors enjoy living life to the fullest. For a closer look at our community spaces, view our Manor House and Linden House virtual tours.

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