7 Benefits of Independent Living Communities

Independent living offers seniors a tight-knit community, relaxing lifestyle, and engaging activities calendar. With extra support at the ready, the benefits of moving to an independent living community are endless.

With all these benefits, one thing is for sure: The Manor House at Branchlands allows residents to enjoy both freedom and peace of mind as they live life to the fullest.

Freedom from Boredom

During our working lives, many of us eagerly look forward to our golden years: the time where we have few responsibilities beyond enjoying ourselves. However, retirement often overwhelms seniors with free time. It can feel difficult to fill up the newfound hours in each day!

In an independent living community, residents can be as active and social as they like. Time once spent doing humdrum tasks like house cleaning, lawn mowing, and snow shoveling is now filled with socializing and enjoying the extensive activities available each day. Activities include everything from lunch outings to happy hour, ice cream socials, and “Sharing the Written Word”—an event that invites residents to share original writing with one another on a weekly basis. There are activities for everyone!

A common misconception about senior living communities is that residents lose the personal freedoms that come with living in their own homes. Oh contraire! Branchlands residents live life on their terms, with the added bonus of new friends and a vibrant community.

Medical Support, When Needed

Outpatient physical therapy

The Branchlands community is designed with seniors in mind. We have everything from elevators to assistive device-friendly spaces, accessible bathrooms, and medical support within the community. Additionally, independent living residents have access to nurse practitioners, as well as outpatient physical therapy.

While it may be too soon to consider moving to an assisted living community, it’s important to keep your options open. Independent living communities provide a safe environment with medical support only an arm’s reach away. To that end, The Manor House sets seniors up for a smooth transition to assisted living when they need more assistance.

Increased Socialization Opportunities

As we age, it can become more difficult to keep up with younger crowds and the fast-paced activities that we once preferred. This difficulty can provoke increased loneliness—something that no one wants during a time characterized by social distancing and isolation. Instead, we focus on residents experiencing the innumerable physical and mental benefits of socialization.

Branchlands is home to like-minded and like-abled individuals, increasing mental stimulation and socialization for seniors who choose to move to our welcoming community. There’s always an opportunity to sit and chat with friends, go for a neighborhood walk, or try a new activity. In fact, opportunities for life-long learning are one of the foremost advantages of moving to senior living communities.

“Manor House provides a family-type atmosphere, and the folks here become friends. I enjoy that!”

– Bill O., The Manor House resident

Safety and Security

Retirement is about relishing the beautiful lives that we’ve created for ourselves. That time shouldn’t be spent worrying about security! Fortunately, Branchlands is located in a quiet, welcoming neighborhood that inspires relaxation around every corner. The area’s natural setting provides residents with access to several walking trails.

Independent living resident with her pet dog in front of The Manor House

Staff at senior living communities are dedicated to keeping residents healthy and safe. This includes minimizing fall risks through thoughtful architecture, as well as keypad entry for residential areas. The environment of mutual kindness and respect extends beyond our staff and onto residents. Neighbors are always looking out for one another to ensure that all can live life to the fullest.

Healthy Lifestyle

Independent living communities encourage leading a healthy lifestyle through thoughtful food and exercise choices. The community calendar features many accessible exercise classes, including “Sit to be Fit” and balance training. Of course, there is always the opportunity to find a few friends and take a walk through Branchlands’ scenic campus! Not only do these activities promote an active lifestyle, but they also provide daily opportunities to engage with other members of the community.

Health benefits of exercising and social interaction

The Manor House provides delicious meals, including weekday dinners, continental breakfasts, and a Saturday brunch buffet. These nutritious meals are varied to reflect the diverse tastes and preferences of our residents. In fact, The Manor House’s six-person dining committee, which rotates annually, oversees recommending meals to the dining staff.

Finances Made Simple

It’s time-consuming to juggle online portals and paper bills for utilities, rent, and numerous other costs each month. We simplify finances by wrapping up electricity, water, and rent into one monthly bill. Plus, the bill is easy to access and payable by credit card. It’s the total package!

Moving to The Manor House is a lifestyle choice. We do not require any real-estate investment. Instead, we provide senior apartments that solely require monthly rent and a one-time community fee prior to moving in. Our goal is to make the transition to Branchlands as seamless as possible.

This predictable cost model allows residents financial flexibility. Life happens, and a Branchlands rental agreement affords residents the opportunity to adapt their situation if needed.

Convenient Location and Transportation

Enjoying Charlottesville’s many amenities is easy when living at The Manor House’s central, yet tucked away, location. The Branchlands community is located just off Route 29, providing easy access to downtown, The Shops at Stonefield, and a plethora of local stores and restaurants.

“The best part of my day is there’s so much to choose from. They have a variety of activities. We are almost in the city—just a few blocks off the highway—and we have this lovely setting here that’s quiet.”

– Carol O., The Manor House resident

Charlottesville is made even more accessible to residents through Branchlands’ scheduled concierge shuttle—all you have to do is book the ride in advance! The free shuttle is available to all community residents and takes individuals anywhere they need to go in Charlottesville, from errands to recreational outings.

The Manor House Independent Living in Charlottesville provides personalized support with kindness and respect in a vibrant environment. Above all, we believe in helping our residents live life to the fullest. Learn more about life at The Manor House in our virtual tour.