COVID-19: Protecting Our Manor House Residents and Community

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UPDATE: March 27, 2020

Branchlands Independent Living Community does not have any COVID-19 diagnoses of residents or staff. We continue to take appropriate infection prevention measures to provide residents with a safe and healthy environment.

Branchlands Updates:

Key Points:

As of Friday, March 27, Branchlands is:

  • Restricting access to the Manor House, Sargent House, and Holtrust House.
    • Staff are being screened before working.
    • Vendors and delivery persons may not enter the premises with express permission and screening.
    • Visits by family members, friends, and non-essential personnel are restricted. The Executive Director will consider permitting entry on a case by case basis for (A) essential caregivers such as private duty nurses and hospice, and (B) compassionate care situations. In order to consider permitting entry under (A) or (B), the person must enter the Manor House at the main entrance and be screened and cleared by the Executive Director or his designee (the “ED”).
  • Only making essential shuttle bus trips at this time. This includes doctor and dentist visits and grocery shopping trips. We are also limiting the number of people allowed on the Branchlands bus at one time to ensure the 6-foot social distancing protocol is observed. We ask all residents to sign up for the scheduled daily shopping trips so we can properly plan for any extra bus runs if necessary.
  • Asking that families and friends keep in touch with loved ones through alternative methods, such as telephone, FaceTime (for iPhones), Skype, email, text, video chat, or social media.
  • Requesting current emergency contact information from residents.
  • Delivering meals to resident apartments.