COVID-19: Protecting Our Linden House Residents and Community

UPDATE: April 7, 2020 

Linden House does not have any COVID-19 diagnoses of residents or staff. We continue to take appropriate infection prevention measures to protect our residents and community and frequently evaluate resident health.

Linden House Updates

Key Points

Linden House is:

  • Restricting visitors to essential staff only. Only essential staff and caregivers (such as hospice workers, private duty nurses, and EMS technicians) will be allowed to enter Linden House and only after submitting to and passing an entry point screening process.
  • Requiring all employees and contract staff to wear cloth masks upon entry to Linden House and throughout their shifts. Medical grade masks will be worn when required based on factors such as resident health.
  • Monitoring residents twice daily for any presence of new respiratory symptoms.
  • Closing the restaurant and delivering all meals to resident apartments.
  • Asking residents to continue social distancing (6 ft. and more) and wear masks for added community protection. We strongly encourage residents to stay in their apartments unless using community spaces for exercise and fresh air.
  • Closing the rehabilitation gym and canceling all group activities.
  • Welcoming a new Medical Director, Dr. Marisa Christiansen, to our community. Dr. Christiansen will visit the community weekly to oversee and guide our practices and procedures. She is also available for onsite appointments as a primary care physician for residents.
  • Welcoming a new Nurse Practioner, Jenny Furlow, NP-C to our community. She will be available to provide onsite medical assessments to residents in their apartments or the wellness clinic if they or their families prefer to avoid potential exposure by going to their community-based physician. Please let the front desk know if you would like to meet Jenny in your apartment or want to discuss her services.