COVID-19: Protecting Our Linden House Residents and Community

A note from Kristin Lovett, Linden House Executive Director:

We are excited about our planned Linden House reopening to bring more joy, laughter, and activity back to Linden House.  The past few months have been difficult for all of us and the residents, families and staff are excited to be moving in a better direction.  The hustle and bustle at Linden House is increasing as we have added back small group programs indoors and 10 person groups outdoors.  We have also opened outdoor visitation in our beautiful garden spaces. It is wonderful to see our residents reconnecting with family and friends and the smiles on their faces tell me they think it is wonderful too.

Summer is here and with that the sun and heat.  We look forward to a day soon where we eat in the dining room and have outdoor barbeques on a regular basis.  It’s right around the corner and we await those great days with anticipation.  I hope you will stop by soon to see all that Linden House has to offer- it’s the place where we live life to the fullest!

UPDATE: June 15, 2020 

Linden House does not have any COVID-19 diagnoses of residents or staff. We continue to take appropriate infection prevention measures to protect our residents and community and frequently evaluate resident health.

Outdoor Visits

Guests may visit with residents outside between 9-10 AM and 6:30-7:30 PM in one of four designated sitting spaces arranged in the garden. Visitors and residents will be required to wear masks, remain 6ft apart, and limit visits to 2 people. Please call to schedule an outdoor visit.

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