What is it like to live in a memory care community?

The Gardens Memory Care at Linden House Assisted Living provides a supportive and engaging environment for seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Structured days provide stimulation and comfort. Trained and compassionate caregivers provide personal and prompt attention. These elements contribute to the quality of each day at The Gardens Memory Care.

Moment by Moment Memory Care Program focuses on enriching each day

Every facet of every personal care plan is focused on enriching each day, moment by moment. Routines are structured around each individual’s personal interests and needs. Carefully planned activities provide stability while promoting a sense of accomplishment. Sensory stimulation—aromatherapy, gentle massage, reassuring color choices, and familiar music—reconnects residents with the world even when they may not be able to express that connection. Activities may center on reminiscing, visiting pets, and creative arts.

All memory care staff are specially trained in the types and phases of dementia as well as proven care management strategies that help keep residents connected.

Moment by Moment logo for Linden House Assisted Living and Memory Care in Charlottesville

Neighborhood living feels like home

The Gardens is composed of three neighborhoods that provide the experience of living at home. Spacious private rooms with full ensuite bathrooms and easy to use showers open to a central living area. It is here that an eight-resident “family group” dines, socializes, and participates in activities. The shared dining and sitting rooms also feature a fully equipped kitchen with special safety features.

The neighborhoods connect with a large activity and entertainment room and a private, secure garden. A spa and salon are provided for the exclusive use of residents of The Gardens. We encourage residents to stroll the easy-to-navigate floor plan and experience the community in safety, but without barriers.

Explore The Gardens neighborhoods in the Linden House virtual tour, or call to arrange a private visit.


Neighborhood B living area at The Gardens Memory Care at Linden House Assisted Living
The neighborhood floorplan clusters 8 bedrooms around a central living area with full kitchen, dining area, and lounge.

Music & Memory activities help memory care residents reconnect with the world

The Gardens is a Music & Memory® Certified Care organization. We structure activities on the premise that persons with dementia retain musical aptitude and appreciation longer than other capabilities. Favorite music can evoke emotions, create connections, and stimulate positive, indeed sometimes joyful, behaviors. Staff create personalized playlists to reconnect those struggling with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia with the world through music-triggered memories.

Learn more about the variety of activities for Linden House residents, such as Smovey exercise and cookouts, in our Meaningful and Engaging Assisted Living Activities blog.

Resident sitting in Sensory room at The Gardens Memory Care at Linden House Assisted Living
The Sensory Room stimulates the visual, auditory, tactile, taste, and olfactory senses to enliven and engage residents with dementia.

Daily schedule provides opportunities for meaningful engagement

Though staff members structure each day, they also encourage residents to pursue individual interests, such as reading, using electronic devices, or strolling through The Gardens. We provide incontinence care and toileting assistance throughout the day.

At times, a resident may want to spend time alone. However, our responsibility is to provide so many opportunities for meaningful engagement that bedrooms are only used for sleeping. A typical day may look very much like this:

  • Wake-up, as desired (we honor individual sleep patterns)
  • Aromatherapy to energize the body and enhance alertness
  • Morning assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • A nourishing breakfast cooked “from scratch”
  • Group activities, such as exercises, creative arts, and music
  • Morning beverage
  • Games and social activities to promote cognitive retention
  • Transition to lunch and lunch support
  • Aromatherapy for rest and relaxation
  • Structured nap time to refresh mind and body
  • Music & Memory games for joy and fun, such as travelogues, sing-alongs, trivia, and exercise
  • An attractively presented and nutritious dinner
  • Reminiscence, comfort, and bedtime preparations
  • Nighttime checks and support, extra warmth, and toileting support throughout the night

Certainly, the best way to experience The Gardens is to visit. To schedule a private guided tour, call 434-973-0311 or click the green “Request A Tour” button at the top of this page.